Jackie’s Holiday Show…with a little of Steve thrown in around the edges

Nov 30/Dec 1, and Dec 7/8, 10 to 4, at our tile studio in Tualatin, OR, map here.

If you want the fancy dancy official email invitation we sent out last night, ask me and I’ll forward it to you.

90% of the show will consist of ceramic sculpture and paintings by my favorite artist, Jackie Hurlbert (in fact I like her so well I’ve lived with her since 1993).

I’ll have a “seconds sale” of my cast crows/ravens (first quality sold only through galleries), and a ragtag lot of ceramic masks, maybe some portrait paintings, and hundreds of tile overruns, nice seconds, and glaze experiments for you to clink through.

Hope to see you there!

Steve Eichenberger crows ravens
Steve Eichenberger crows ravens
Steve Eichenberger crows/ravens
Steve Eichenberger crows/ravens
Jackie Hurlbert artist
Jackie Hurlbert artist
tiles laid out for studio sale
tiles laid out for studio sale

Nice Turnout for my Portrait Presentation to OSA

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Whew! Everything went swimmingly for my presentation yesterday. I appreciated the overflow crowd in OSA’s main hall. I gave a whirlwind overview of how to develop your inner artist, develop artistic skill, market your work, sell your work, and use positive energy generated from that cycle to spin the next cycle…circling back with renewed confidence and enthusiasm to further developing artistic skills. I did a demo (under the slant mirror on the stage so people could see) of laying out a limited palette of colors, mixing flesh tones, & mixing “black.” Then I did a quick painting demo of roughing-in, from photo reference I took a few months ago. I enjoyed the process more than I thought I might, and look forward to similar opportunities that might come along in the future.

Come see me Feb 22-26 @ Portland Home & Garden Show!

Yes it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been getting a LOT done on the painting front! (including making frames, above)

Portland Home & Garden Show Feb 22-26 @ the Expo Center

Most importantly, I was invited by the Oregon Society of Artists to be one of their “anchor artists” at the Portland Home & Garden Show, next week: Feb 22-26! I’ve done shows for sculpture before, but this will be my debut with my “new” medium: portrait painting. I hope my banner and business cards arrive before Feb 22…and I finish making frames on time…and figure out how to light my booth…etc etc x etc.  At least paintings will be a hell of a lot easier to transport than ceramic sculpture!

I will be demonstrating painting for five days straight! I also plan to set up for doing mini photo shoots of willing passersby — head/shoulders shots for portrait painting reference. So come visit me and get your mug shot 😉

The show is at the Expo Center near Jantzen Beach, Feb 22-26, 11-8 Wed Thur Fri, 10-8 Sat, 11-6 Sun, costs $10 to get in, but check around for discounts. There are three giant halls, the northernmost of which is staged with fully landscaped gardens, decks, fountains, koi ponds and so on. Around the entire perimeter of the garden room will be welders, sculptors and painters demonstrating their various crafts. I spoke with the show coordinator who has been fine tuning the ambience of this room of the show for the past dozen years. He loves art, and wants this giant indoor garden room to be one where show attendees will want to just hang out, relax, and enjoy themselves rather than scurrying to “do the show.” The OSA prez says the same thing — to just have fun like we do at the OSA center. Several OSA members will be demonstrating painting along the west wall of Building C, plus promoting the club and recruiting new members. Membership is just $30 per year.

Hope you can drop by for a chat! Bring a favorite hat/scarf/whatever for your mini photo shoot!

I’ve also been painting more portraits, including a commission from Texas, but am literally too busy to post the photos! Will do so after the show.

Okay, I’d better get back to building frames!

White Bird Gallery Show through May

Several of my ceramic sculptures, and a collection of my cast crows/ravens are in the “Animal Instincts” group show at

White Bird Gallery

Left: “Quiet Solitude Under a Canopy of Stars”; right: “Gratitude 2”; center top: a collection of my cast crows/ravens. Paintings by Anne John of Vancouver, Washington. Several other artists also submitted rabbit themed art for this “Animal Instincts” show…unplanned.

The show runs through May 31.


April 29, 30 & May 1 it was Spring Unveiling Weekend for the Cannon Beach Gallery Group, and they featured one of my sculptures, “Gratitude 3” (which is in the White Bird Gallery show, in the front window), on the cover of their brochure:

The “unveiling” of the new show at White Bird Gallery was at 3 p.m. Saturday, April 30. There were scheduled unveilings at over a dozen venues throughout Cannon Beach, visit CBGalleryGroup.com for details (scroll all the way down for White Bird’s announcement).

RiverSea Preview Opening

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RiverSea Gallery “Obsession” show on Preview night, November 6, 2010.

This coming Saturday, November 13 from 5 to 8 Jackie and I (and Shannon) will be there again for the “regular” opening when locals converge on downtown Astroria for Second Saturday walkabout.

The trend toward having two openings — a “preview” night for art lovers and a second one for the masses — is ironically the result of the success of “gallery walks” nationwide. We’ve seen it happen in Portland; First Thursdays have become a party night where everyone parades themselves around downtown. Gallery hopping fills up some galleries with wine-sipping hipsters to the extent that it’s hard to see the art or get a word in edgewise with a gallerist. Hence the trend toward preview events for art lovers.

The preview at RiverSea went well, with each of us — Jackie, Shannon and myself — giving a brief “artist’s talk” to genuinely interested patrons. Everyone was quiet and attentive. Good questions were asked. Appreciation was expressed. Red dots were placed. This “art first” atmosphere would be less likely on “citywide party night.”

RiverSea show Nov 6, Mtn views, new Raven birth

I’ll be in a three person show at RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, opening Nov 6 with a reception from 5 to 8. I took four of my large sculptures to be in the show. Jackie will have lots of work in it too. We’ll be interviewed on a local radio station, live, about the show on Friday afternoon the 5th.

New Raven sculpture completed for my line of cast ravens/crows available through galleries.

Mt Hood from my new studio location on Milwaukie Ave.

False color rendition of Mt St Helens looking to the north from my new sculpture studio location. If it weren’t for a willow tree precisely placed to block the exact outline of her, I’d be able to see Mt St Helens out my window as I work. I only have to go a few paces to get this view though.

It’s Showtime!

Just got word I’ve been juried into Art in the Pearl! It’s Portland’s biggest annual “Fine Art & Craft” show; always on Labor Day weekend.

Well, I said in January that I wanted to “up my game artistically in 2010,” so now it’s time to dig deep and sculpt as much great work as I can, to take advantage of two huge upcoming opportunities! (BAM in July and AIP in September)


I just found out I’ve been juried  into the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) ArtsFair! It’s the first time I’ve applied to a show for about 8 years. Jackie was also accepted into BAM; she has been in one or two art fairs a year since about 2000, so we pretty much know the ropes, but we’ve neither one done the BAM show before. It is a biggie, 320,000 attendees last year

I applied on a whim, literally after the deadline. I was helping Jackie with her online application and photos, and we made the deadline for her, but then they extended the deadline over the weekend, so just for fun I uploaded some photos and clicked the “apply” box, not expecting anything to come of it. Surprise! (953 artists applied, 325 were accepted.)

The five pieces that got me juried into the Bellevue Arts Museum ArtsFair

Fair info: http://www.bellevuearts.org/fair/index.htm

Now I have to figure out what to sculpt, always the hardest part for me. And pronto!