May 2010

May 21 update

Initial thumbnail sketch, which I then enlarged to make a full size luan profile pattern and wood armature.

Masses roughed in, left uncovered overnight to set up before further sculpting.

The weeks are flying by! BAM is looming!

May 9 update

Probably the last photo of this one for a month or two — next steps involve cutting it up into a couple dozen sections, hollowing each section out till there’s just a 1/4 to 3/8″ wall of clay, then re-assembling prior to firing. I’ll continue to refine various parts, especially the legs, tail, and belly. I’ll scrape and shape the ears to make them lighter/thinner.


Sort of a centaur on left, except he will only have two large feet instead of the usual four. Note pencil between feet for scale. And yes, he will have rabbit ears. Aristophanes, in bisque form, in background. Sculpture on right will be a “ginger jar” rabbit, unweird.

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