January 2011

Looks kinda like…

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And it appears I’m off on yet another side trip…indulging a recurring fascination with trying to do likenesses of people. I check in every ten or twenty years to see if I can do it yet. No clear idea of why, or what I’ll do with the results if I do…but it seems like a good skill to have in my toolbox.


“Strange Bird” in process. (5/11 addendum: SOLD!)

I’ve been invited by White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon to be in their Animals show this spring. This is a possible piece for that show, if the human ears don’t disqualify it from the “animal” category.



Final photo above added Feb 17. “Exploring Happiness” series, “Orangutan” by Steve Eichenberger.

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Major challenge to hollow out, but it’s done now and drying.

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