Do I have to have PayPal to order?

NO! You do not need a PayPal account. It’s confusing, because PayPal puts their logo on the “buy” buttons I use on this site…but go ahead and click on it—the next screen will give you the option to use your own credit card, or to cancel the transaction and return to this site.

Is my data safe?

This site is hosted by one of the oldest and largest internet developers, Automattic—the folks who literally created WordPress and Woo Commerce…experts among experts at data security.

Umm… Where is the shopping cart?

It would cost me many time$ more per month to have full e-commerce bells & whistles on this site, so I’ve opted for PayPal “Simple Payment” buttons instead. I realize it’s a bit lowbrow to have to order different items ala carte (arr)…but the end result is the same: I’ll consolidate multiple line items into one shipment on my end.

I’m outside the continental U.S., can I order from you?

I’ve done so in the past, but no more. Why? Because shipping & insurance costs have skyrocketed, customs rates are hard to predict, and recent E.U. regulations on sellers have gone too far. Alaska and Hawaii residents are welcome to purchase after contacting me for potential extra shipping charges.

What if I’m dissatisfied with my order?

I want my artwork to bring positivity into your life! But if it doesn’t, and you’d like to return it, just email me within ten days of purchase (you’ll have my phone & email by then, or use the Contact form). You will be responsible for return shipping. When I receive it in good shape, I’ll issue a refund.

Can I reach you by phone?

I get so many spam calls already that I don’t want to post my number publicly! If you want to speak with me, email me your phone number via my Contact page, along with your question, and I’ll call you back.

Still have questions?

Ask away! I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Last but not least, Thank You for your purchases! My partner, Jackie Hurlbert, and I have been making our entire living from our art since 1995, and we couldn’t do it without you!