Hmm…this isn’t exactly Amazon… Will my data be safe?

Very safe. This is a WordPress.com site, hosted by Automattic. The Store portion is powered by WooCommerce, who runs about 30% of all e-commerce stores on the planet. All three of the aforementioned entities work seamlessly together because both WordPress and WooCommerce were created by Automattic, one of the oldest and largest internet developers—in biz since 2005. That’s why I pay them to operate all aspects of this site—securely.

What about returns/refunds?

No refunds or returns on custom orders because they are produced specifically for you. It’s not like returns could go back on a shelf, because there is no shelf. Just a printing press, which prints each order individually. Which is pretty cool if you think about it, that you can order a one-off T shirt or poster…but the downside is—what I just said. If the product is defective or damaged, there are systems in place to report & remedy the situation. And you can always contact me for help along the way.

Oh, and no refunds on Digital Downloads—because once you’ve received it, the cat’s outta the bag. But again, contact me with any concerns and I’ll see what I can do. I do have more control over Digital Downloads than I do over custom printed merch.

Can I use your artwork for other purposes?

All the work on this site is my original artwork and copyrighted, but you’re free to use purchased artwork as often as you wish for personal, non-commercial projects—and/or for your small business, such as a coffee shop…but if you do that, I’d appreciate an attribution…something like “Artwork © by Steve Eichenberger” would suffice. If in doubt, give me a shout.

Can I have it printed at a printshop?

Yes! Like if you want larger format wall art printed onto heavier paper or canvas. Show the printer this FAQ if they seem hesitant. It’s NOT okay to reproduce it for profit, or to use any part of it in any other work for sale (e.g., collage).

Okay… But what about __________???

“Gni::plks munumana-munumana flirggtramittin <o^o> glorp???”

Just email me! I actually want to know about glitches, mistakes, broken links,

typos, issues with orders, or suggestions for improvement etc—so don’t be shy!

Privacy Policy

I’m the only one here, and I wouldn’t even know *how* to share or sell your data, so yeah, it’s private. (One can only assume the Store module will need data to process orders, but like I mentioned above, that’s all handled by WooCommerce, one of the largest if not the largest e-commerce store operators on the planet, so whatever they do will be as secure as it gets.)

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