February 2010

  • BAM!!!

    I just found out I’ve been juried  into the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) ArtsFair! It’s the first time I’ve applied to a show for about 8 years. Jackie was also accepted into BAM; she has been in one or two art fairs a year since about 2000, so we pretty much know the ropes, but…

  • Aristophanes—done for now

      I’m done with the wet clay sculpting phase for Aristophanes. I just finished placing all the hollowed out and re-assembled sections back on the armature temporarily to get all four legs/feet to agree on what’s level, and will leave everything uncovered to firm up for a day or so before moving them … ummm…

  • 66,000 Generations of Reason | Step by Step

    Attic Gallery says a collector is interested in my “66,000 Generations of Reason” and he’s curious how I made it. So I sent the above screen capture (from my Mac finder) to the proprietor today. It’s pretty low res, but gives a general idea of the steps involved. The gallery said they printed out some…

  • Aristophanes in process

        Good progress today! Y’know all those little hollowed out pieces and chunks in yesterday’s blog post?  I got them all re-assembled today. Would have attached the front legs too, but they need to firm up overnight.

  • Aristophanes in process

    Finally, every last piece is hollowed out, ready to be “welded” back together. Have had less time to sculpt the past two days than I hoped, but for good reasons.

  • Aristophanes progress

      I hollowed out the top/final section of the torso tonight. It was pretty dry, which made for difficult and slow going with regular loop tools. I like to cruise kitchen stores for clay tools, and awhile back I bought a sturdy metal gizmo (shaped kind of like a grapefruit spoon) and broke the plastic…

  • RACC Panel: Professional Presentation for Artists

    Best Ways for Professional Artists to Approach Galleries & Museums   Notes from an RACC panel discussion I attended Feb. 6, 2010   Panelists: – curator of a university gallery – two curators/retail gallery managers of art/craft institutions – three downtown Portland fine art gallery owners   Two of the six panelists prefer CD’s  –…

  • “Reprieve” completed!

    I finished the patina process last night, and got “Reprieve” photographed today in time to make the “must be postmarked by Friday, February 5” deadline to apply for the Feats of Clay juried show. Wish me luck!      

  • “Aristophanes”

    I’ve decided what to name the larger of the two hare sculptures I’m working on: “Aristophanes” Big name for a big sculpture. He seems ‘aristocratic’ to me, which triggered the name. It is derived from the Greek words aristos, meaning ‘best,’ and phanes, meaning ‘appearing.’ (My choice has nothing to do with the 5th century B.C.E.…

  • The “Long Story” of how “Reprieve” got his name

         “The Long Story” Soon after Jackie and I met, we “accidentally” discovered that by combining our talents/skills/knowledge/aptitudes, we could make ceramic tile. After much research, trial and error, humorous and spectacularly unsuccessful attempts at moldmaking, and then finally producing a collection of about a dozen designs (we now have over 300), we launched…

  • JAN 31 2010

            Finished tail yesterday, did more hollowing out of torso/legs …         … and cut tail half off, then sliced torso in two so I can continue hollowing it out tomorrow.          

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