March 2010

Gorgeous spring day; perfect for making an armature outside. The dowel will support a big head; a skinny neck and little body will go underneath.

I finished hollowing out six masks, will bisque fire them in a few days.


Quick clay sketch by Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


Sculpted “off the hump” intending to cut it off the hump as a mask, but now not sure if I’ll cut it off or leave the “hump” as a base.

And now there are Four

Quick clay sketch by Steve Eichenberger


I may put pupils in the eyes, not sure yet. If so, it will be easier to do after the clay firms up in a few days. I kind of like the way the eye orbs relate to the other roundish shapes and volumes: the dome of the head, the shape of the mouth, the volume inside the mouth cavity. 

Productive insomnia …

I laid awake a few nights ago and came up with a plan for freeing up my style. It was encouraging, exciting, motivating. I look forward to implementing it.

The basic points:

• cut / piece / juxtapose parts and fragments to create a whole

• synthesize! with my background in construction, sculptured brass dies, moldmaking, wire sculpture, woodcarving, oil painting, concrete work, graphic design and more, it’s high time to bring all these media together … wood, metal, plaster, cement, mortar, glaze, paint, waxes, adhesives, screws, wire, re-purposed and found objects

• draw from my 50+ years on the planet to come up with concepts that reflect my conclusions / observations about the human condition thus far

• continue to challenge myself to get looser with my work

Three quick clay sketches done on three different evenings, about life size. I don’t yet know exactly why I’m doing them, but I’m finally unbothered by not knowing … having gone through this cycle enough times to know that the “why” will reveal itself eventually.


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