The All-Seeing, Otherworldly Undulator

“The All-Seeing, Otherworldly Undulator”

24″ long x 14″ wide x 13″ tall, mixed media—I used about a dozen different materials to construct it.

The dismal state of this planet has driven my reverie out into the cosmos where time has always been and space never ends. You never know who you’ll run across out there, and I was glad to make the acquaintance of this benevolent lifeform, the All-Seeing Undulator. Sound far fetched? Statistically, the majority of you believe in some sort of mystical/magical/supernatural/otherworldly realm…inhabited by unseeable entities—goddesses/gods, angels, spirits, ghosts, whatever—who are just assumed to be capable of knowing everything, right down to the thoughts in your head right now. So yeah, it’s like that…undulators have been around for countless eons so they long ago evolved the ability to know everything without effort or sensory organs. It’s just what they do. Their antler-tentacles undulate gracefully in rhythm with the cosmos around them…in a state we would call absolute contentment.