Group Portrait of Twelve

Portrait of twelve relatives commissioned by a local couple, B&L. Acrylic on panel, 20 x 32 inches.

Reference provided was actually a “photoshopped” composite of three different photos taken at different times and places.

Thanks B&L!

The portrait will be framed and hung on the brick wall behind.

2 thoughts on “Group Portrait of Twelve”

  1. Hi, Steve,
    Tomorrow, first Thursday from 6-9 pm, our gallery Gallery 114. 1100 NW Glisan Portland (on the opposite side from Blick art) ( will have new show featuring the portrait artwork of Christopher Mooney ( He was also at your portrait talk last month) . He paints giant portraits (4×5 feet) and his work are amazing. Please come and visit. I do too paint portraits and figurative work. If you are interested, we can sometime share a model and split the cost.

    Hopefully will see you tomorrow night.

    Khanh N. Huynh, MD

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