Below are some of the themes that find themselves woven into my work…all are photos I’ve taken, mostly in our back yard or nearby, to help me recall the impact of witnessing nature’s wonders.

Words like magnificent, wonderful, breathtaking, beautiful—–all fail miserably…           We are surrounded by amazing flora and fauna that are so worth preserving! Eight billion of us human animals are currently decimating/displacing/poisoning all the others, our fellow evolvees on this small planet. We are the only ones with intelligent self-awareness, surely we can do better! I’m only one eight billionth…but so are you, and you. The only control we have is of ourselves; the only hope we have lies in each other—our collective neighborhood>regional>national>global actions. Observing nature—microscopic to cosmic—fuels my motivation to keep trying, even (or especially) when so many fellow humans are either blissfully ignorant, willfully ignorant, or actively hostile to the cause.

“Observe, revere, protect, repeat”

Copyrighted material—Original photos by Steve Eichenberger, please do not copy/repost without written permission

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