Fast Lane

I haven’t updated because I haven’t had any spare moments! I don’t now either, stealing sleep time for a quick update:

–Art in the Pearl was not as good a selling show as the Bellevue Arts Museum show was for me, but I had a great time seeing lots of friends and relatives since it was a hometown show. I made triple my expenses, which beats going in the hole! The AIP crowd seemed to be interested in coming for art’s sake. LOTS of encouraging comments about my work, which go a long way toward energizing me to keep on sculpting. Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit my booth and share your thoughts.

— Two weeks or so before Art in the Pearl we started moving our studios to a commercial space 10 miles away. It’s a monumental undertaking, largely dependent on me to do wiring, plumbing, carpentry, ventilation, and general logistics, so I’m in the fast lane from waking to falling into bed, seven days a week.

— Got an e-mail today from a regional community college asking for my work in an invitational sculpture show in Feb/Mar 2011. An honor to be asked, to be noticed. Said they’d attempt to get television and magazine coverage. I don’t think it would be a selling show, but I certainly have motivations other than $$ for sculpting…or else I wouldn’t be doing it! It might end up costing quite a bit for delivery expenses…I’d have to rent a truck. Too busy in my brain to figure out all the pros and cons at the moment…but as I said it’s nice to be noticed!

2 thoughts on “Fast Lane

  1. Hi,

    It was good seeing you and Jackie again. One of these times soon it’ll have to be under more relaxing conditions, without the swarms of art lovers. There could be pizza and beer.

    Remain focused on getting exposure and pushing yourself in new directions. Be a daredevil.

    Slowly, slowly and then suddenly…

    Keep hopping down the trail, my friend.


  2. Thanks, Tracy! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but this is the first rest stop I’ve taken on the “trail” for a loooong time. We’re even going to a movie tonight! Like normal people!


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