“Having Made His Peace with the Flow of Time”

Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor

“Having Made His Peace with the Flow of Time”

20″ high, 18″ wide, 26″ deep

Hand-built, one of a kind ceramic sculpture, ferric patina.


On my short list of existential conundrums is the universe-wide flow of time. We can study many phenomena in our wondrous physical cosmos, but time resists scrutiny.
Time is the bearer of experience. It is the river we are born into. For much of my life, time was benign, a curiosity, a resource piled high in front of me. As I use it up, however, the dwindling pile has commanded more conscious attention — sometimes admittedly bordering on alarm. Time is infinite, but my sojourn in it is brief.

It’s the brevity that can be vexing, so I think this energetic piece is about my efforts to just be grateful I’m even here at all and learn to be at peace with the inexorable flow … and perhaps even learn to exult in the sensation of time flowing swiftly, silently by … 24/7/365.

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