“Wishful Prequel”


Cosmic Zoo series, “Wishful Prequel”

23.5”h x 4.75”w x 4.5” d, wall mount. (Sculpture portion is 10.25”h)

One of a kind, handbuilt ceramic sculpture, hammered aluminum ears, mixed media; platform made from “rescued” old growth fir from demolished house in Portland. Mounts on wall via single keyhole on back.

“Wishful Prequel” because I wish we could re-write our collective backstory…I wish humankind could have evolved from a more peaceable gene pool! Yeah, I know…natural selection and all that…if our primate ancestors had been too peaceable I might be fending off a saber toothed tiger right now rather than bemoaning the state of the world. So I acknowledge this sculpture of an imagined peaceable progenitor is largely just an exercise in catharsis…but I hope it can also serve as a reminder to nurture and express our kinder, gentler, more peaceable inclinations as much as possible—in the real world we live in.

Or perhaps on other worlds out there somewhere in spacetime, intelligent civilizations have evolved from less belligerent genetic stock…who are innately more inclined to respect their fellow lifeforms and lovingly care for the planet they call home.

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