Rocket! 30.5" — $2400

Rocket! 30.5″

Rocket! 30.5″ x 12″, hammer formed and riveted aluminum, by Steve Eichenberger. $2400 including free cont. U.S. shipping. <p><small> [Note: PayPal account <u>not</u> required to complete purchase.]</small></p>


30-1/2″ tall x 12″ wide, hammer formed aluminum, hand-set rivets. My original design.

diagonal rocket for etsy

Photos are of the actual rocket for sale in this listing. A real challenge to build from scratch; made individually by hand so is unique; patina never the same twice. Not sure how many rockets I will make…this may be the last or I may make more, time will tell. This is only the second one in existence of this size (the largest I’ve made or plan to make).


My inspiration to make this rocket:

• I tried to imagine the “quintessential” rocketship design…and a very specific vision came to mind. I did a quick pencil sketch of it…

• Then I realized that, with the hammer forming skills I’d taught myself the past couple of years, I could actually *make* my idealized vision in aluminum!

• So I scanned my pencil sketch and refined the design in Inkscape (open source vector drawing application) on my Mac, and printed out trial patterns.

• My first experiment at rocket building was a fail… It was clunky, with inelegant overlapping metal sections.

• The next iteration, however, exceeded my expectations, bringing my inner vision of the “perfect spaceship” to life! The construction method (using edge-to-edge joints between sections rather than overlapping) was far more exacting and time consuming to build, but the streamlined result was well worth it.

• On a personal level, the payoff has been greater than the physical sculpture; it has been cathartic to focus on a fun, optimistic vision of the future for a change! It has helped elevate my overall outlook.


If you were to deconstruct this rocket sculpture, you’d find it’s made from over 60 individually hammer-formed aluminum pieces, into which I drilled about 800 holes, fastened together with ~400 rivets. Starting with my original design, I traced and cut out the 60 parts by hand, hammered them over various forms I made until they fit properly together, drilled the holes, then hand riveted the pieces together. For the patina, I tried to evoke a scorched, re-entry look and feel.


With high quality materials and craftsmanship throughout, this rocket sculpture will last for many generations. Signed on the inside of the fuselage exhaust bezel.


I envision it in modern homes, urban lofts, high tech environments, hipster offices, or retro / atomic style decor. It’s stable, sturdy, lightweight — easy to place on any table, mantel, shelf, desk, niche, ledge, or floor next to a fireplace etc.


I just love it…and I hope you’ll like it as well as I do.

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