“La Pig”—$480

16″ w x 16″ d x 16″ h. Hammer formed metal, steel and copper wire, rivets, mixed media. Certainly one of a kind! Lightweight, hangs easily from a nail or screw. Not fragile.

“LaPig” wire wall sculpture by Steve Eichenberger

“LaPig” 16″ x 16″ x 16″ wire sculpture by Steve Eichenberger. $480 including cont. U.S. shipping. <p><small> [Note: PayPal account <u>not</u> required to complete purchase. Go ahead and click on the “Pay with Paypal” button, and on the very next screen you’ll be given the option to pay with a credit card instead, if you prefer.]</small></p>


Makes great shadows 😉

(No, it’s not a mask…just goofing around…)