Graphite on Paper—$225

Graphite on Paper

24″ w x 29″ h original graphite drawing by Steve Eichenberger. $225 includes U.S. shipping in a mailing tube.


24″ w x 29″ h original graphite drawing on Bee Paper Company sketching paper, 20% recycled content, neutral pH. Shipped in a mailing tube.

A satisfying step in my ongoing quest to loosen up…specific gains:

  • resisted usual urge to make everything symmetrical
  • “allowed” disproportion and non-realism
  • successfully avoided creating a likeness
  • to avoid “preciousness,” I rolled the paper tightly every which way to keep it from being “pristine,” and purposely “allowed” smudges, scribbles, erasures etc to remain

Which reminds me of a story: Decades ago in a class taught by Phil Sylvester at The Drawing Studio in Portland, I “won” a class competition for that day’s drawing session—and the prize was a large, expensive sheet of Arches drawing paper. Pristine, watermarked, archival, beautiful 100% rag drawing paper. But before handing it over to me, he tossed it on the floor and called over the rest of the class to enthusiastically stomp all over it…with the result you’d expect from a floor covered in graphite and charcoal dust 😉 So the real prize was the lesson, not the paper—a lesson I recalled with a grin as I utilized it on this drawing.

My SE monogram on front, signed on back.

Mount it with museum putty directly onto the wall, or with binder clips/rod/string/tacks, or mat &/or frame.