Graphite Drawing

Okay, this one is…”different”…

We recently did a multi-room painting project, and one day while wandering around the Sherwin-Williams store waiting for them to mix our paint, we ran across this roll of thick, compressed chipboard…it’s kind of in between chipboard and masonite. Contractors roll it out as temporary flooring. It’s tough, and has good tooth for drawing. Admittedly, there’s not a lot of contrast…but I still like the result. It’s subtle but strong, if that makes sense… Might look good in a dark corner if the drawing itself is well lit with accent lighting. Or on any other wall if informal/understated is okay.

It’s 29″ h x 24″ w, graphite heightened with white carpenters’ pencil. Will be shipped in a mailing tube, easily flattened upon arrival.

I saw the “Use Printed Side Up” and thought yeah why not… I’ll likely do more drawings on this material, some on the blank side…maybe with a wash of something lighter to heighten the contrast. As you know by now, I love experimenting, so who knows…this might even be a fun raw material for sculpting…

My SE monogram on front, signed on back.

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