Cosmic Zoo Series, “Jester”

Steve Eichenberger 180223cSteve Eichenberger 180223a

“Jester” is the newest addition to my “Cosmic Zoo” series. Handbuilt ceramic, hammer formed aluminum and copper, one of a kind. 10″ h x 12″ w x 10″ d, wall mount. Series is meant to celebrate sentience/intelligence arising ubiquitously throughout the infinite cosmos…of which humans are but one instance…an instance I am very happy to be a part of!

A notion has crept into my psyche that I’m not the first, only, or last artist in the cosmos to imagine my extraterrestrial counterparts coming to the same realizations and conclusions I have — namely, that time has always been and always will be, and that space extends in all directions without end…and that there have been, are now, and always will be an infinite number of sentient civilizations throughout spacetime. Some contemporary physicists go so far as to say we each have innumerable duplicates “out there.” I’ve recently been imagining these innumerable former, present and future “me’s” pursuing this exact same train of thought, and that we all had/have/will have this supra-cosmic idea: To host a perpetual intergalactic art show on the topic! (And they’re thinking about me thinking about them thinking about me thinking about them making artwork for this ongoing show…) It adds a whole new dimension to my experience; an existential camaraderie of infinite proportions. This inner thought experiment/experience has been changing my inner personal identity for some time now — away from “human/me,” toward “self-aware intelligence/cosmos”… Leading me to conclude, not just intellectually, but viscerally: “We are the universe, observing itself.”

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