36″ Goat Sculpture

Steve Eichenberger, artist

SOLD   36″ wide x 28″ high x 17″ deep (91 cm wide x 71 cm high x 43 cm deep)

Faux taxidermy sculpture made from re-purposed aluminum, copper wire and steel wire, featuring realistic glass eyes.

Lightweight, easy to hang.

Hand built, one of a kind.

Re-purposed aluminum (from estate sale cookie sheets, pans and so on) is hammer formed on anvils and various forms I’ve made.

Open wirework allows changing light throughout the day to become part of the sculpture in the form of ever changing shadows.

The goatee is made from dozens of individually fastened wires.

It took laying awake nights to figure out how to make the horns, so they could be lightweight, curving, and long yet still strong.

The final result comes across as a wise, calming presence.

Made with durable materials to last a lifetime (or two or three).

Steve Eichenberger, artist

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