The Time of Your Life, Video


Over a period of several months toward the tail end of the worst of Covid 19, I created a series of several dozen otherworldly portraits across the entire age spectrum from birth to death. Seeing them in sequence, they had a powerful effect on me…but unless I could display them as large prints along a public hallway somewhere, it was hard to figure out how to communicate their impact…so I decided to invest a few more days in creating this video, “The Time of Your Life.” Since it’s probably not that readily apparent, I’ll just tell you straight out how I see its impact: In every single portrait, the flowing white “hair” isn’t literal hair, it’s the flow of time. When you’re young, time is over the horizon so far as to be out of sight out of mind. But at a certain age, the math becomes harder to ignore…the median life expectancy doesn’t seem far enough in the future anymore…and the speed of time pauses never, not even for a blip.

You can view the video right here on my site, or download it to watch on your big screen and share it with others…then hug them.

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