Premium Art Print—”Fantastico” 730617


Premium Art Print. It’s a high res print of my own unique digital artwork—not available anywhere else in this fantastico cosmos.

I originally made this design for a congratulations situation, but it seemed like it would also serve as a good general purpose vibe booster in ’most any situation, so here it is…for your family room, kid’s room, cafeteria, or ceiling.

Crafted with Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 paper—acid free, 100% cotton, heavyweight 308 gsm —and printed with archival inks.

Print only, no mat or frame. 8×10 and 11×14 are packaged in a stay flat mailer; the larger sizes are shipped rolled…but fear not, from my experience 100% cotton stock flattens out quicker/nicer/easier/better than “poster” paper stock.

Available in the following sizes:


— If you use my binder clip and rod mounting method, you can hang even the largest size above, by yourself, with ease! For the price of a coupla coffees.

— Maybe you already figured this out if you’re an experienced print buyer…but compared to art gallery prices, the largest sizes above are a steal—at less than $200—for such large, archival quality, living-room-wall-filling artwork. Why?

  1. With the advent of print on demand (POD) where no product exists until it is ordered, as an artist I can afford to offer humongous size prints for less markup—because I don’t have to front the money to buy a print run of them myself, then package them in plastic sleeves (do they even make sleeves that big?) and transport them to galleries—as would have been the case pre-POD. (whisper-yell: plus no gallery commissions! shhh! don’t tell them i said that…furtive glances left & right…) And even after getting them to a gallery, there would be no guarantee they would sell any time soon…or ever…or they might get a smudge or crease or dog-ear that would render them unsellable. So basically, I wouldn’t have even considered making large scale prints in the past.
  2. Most galleries don’t have big enough flat files to store 60-inch-wide prints!
  3. And when they did sell a five-foot print, guess what…they would have to roll it for the customer to transport it in their vehicle, or to ship it… So with POD, all the above hassles/expenses/worries are eliminated, and a pristine, premium quality (did I mention Hahnemuhle?!?) print magically shows up on your doorstep.
  4. Online shopping (and covid) have normalized ship-to-door deliveries, often for less than the cost of gas to go pick it up yourself.
  5. Professional fine art printing POD shops provide economy of scale, running their pricey presses ’round the clock to fulfill customers’ orders for artists like me who would NEVER be able to afford such equipment! or even the inks!
  6. As of this writing, shipping cost is surprisingly low for the larger sizes.

— “Giclée” or high resolution digital inkjet printing long ago surpassed the quality available with printing presses. Professional print labs have large format pigment inkjet printers that use 8 to 12 archival (typically ~100 years or more) inks. And the stock…oooo…I don’t even like to refer to it as paper, because it’s 100% cotton. No wood pulp. Acid free. It’s a joy to handle even a blank sheet of such luscious…paper. But then to see the printed product, printed with literally the finest quality pigment inks…it can be breathtaking…depending on the subject matter of course, and your opinion of the artwork blah blah “art” is subjective & all that… I know I’m geeking out, but it’s a joy to have such advances available for printing my own digital creations at this point in history. It’s motivating! I can’t wait to see that next mental notion (or obsession) come out into the vibrant light of day.

— Digital tools for artists keep improving—both hardware and software—to make it feasible for even independent artists like myself to output up to 250-million-pixel image sizes sufficient to print 40×60-inch prints! Complex digital art software can be learned ala carte 24/7/365 via YouTube. It’s all pretty amazing, really… Exciting to be a part of…

— The upshot “big secret” is that art lovers everywhere can now purchase and display large scale, premium art prints—which would have been cost prohibitive before the confluence of the above trends.


Print Size

11×14 inch, 16×20 inch, 18×24 inch, 20×30 inch, 24×36 inch, 30×40 inch, 36×48 inch, 40×60 inch, 8×10 inch

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