13″ w x 18″ d x 32″ h
Handbuilt ceramic sculpture, one of a kind, oxide and pigment patina

SOLD — at Bellevue Arts Museum ArtsFair 2010 — Thank you T.A.!

There are many reminders throughout a normal day to reflect on what I have rather than what I don’t.

Just the privilege of existing at all is huge. Sometimes I’ll stop in the middle of some urgent/mundane task to remember we’re hurtling through space on a beautiful aquatic planet; the only habitable chunk of rock for trillions of miles in any direction.

If it weren’t for us, who would even know this corner of the galaxy existed?
“We are the universe, observing itself.”

Anyway, that’s what this piece is about — it depicts that part of us that maintains a continuous, underlying sense of gratitude no matter what else may be impacting us at the moment.

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