“Quiet Solitude under a Canopy of Stars”

Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor

“Quiet Solitude under a Canopy of Stars”

33-1/2″ h x 13″ w x 13″ d

SOLD — Thanks M!

Handbuilt ceramic sculpture, one of a kind, oxide and pigment patina.

Personal subtitle for this piece is “…wondering ‘Where did Atom come from?’ ” as this little sentient being spends quiet, reflective hours in the black of night watching the stars rise and set in great sweeping arcs (wherever she is in space-time). I could try to write more about the meaning behind this piece, but feel that the attempt to express it in words could not possibly come close to what I intend, so will for now leave it to you to imagine within yourself…hopefully enlightened by your own experience of the nighttime cosmos from a dark-sky

(If you’ve never contemplated existence by starlight, seek out a local astronomy club; they will gladly introduce you to the night sky. I’m a member of the Rose City Astronomers here in Oregon, where we are privileged to have non-light-polluted skies within a couple hours drive.)

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