18.5″ Rocket

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Space is BACK!!

This original, one of a kind, hammer-formed, aluminum rocket sculpture is my exuberant response to Elon Musk’s recent announcement that SpaceX plans to send two well-heeled tourists on a joyride around the moon! Wow! He is also seriously planning to send humans to Mars…not just to visit, but to live there. We are a space-faring civilization on the cusp of colonizing our solar system.

Size: 18.5″ tall x 7.5″ at base. Display on mantel, desk, coffee table, niche, or any horizontal surface. Would also look cool suspended at an angle from transparent monofilament line.

Sturdy riveted construction, lightweight, natural aluminum finish.

Sci-fi, steampunk, retro-futuristic, iconic atomic age style…innocence, optimism, adventure, science, curiosity, audacity.

It’s my original design and all hand made: began with a pencil sketch > scanned into computer > did some math for truncated cones to help figure out geometry of templates for sheet metal > scissor-cut paper templates, traced onto metal, cut with tin snips > hand-hammered each piece to stretch and form it into the compound curves needed > all hand-riveted.

It’s been gratifying to see my inner vision of the “ideal” rocket design materialize before my eyes. It makes me happy when I look at it…recalling my boyhood eagerness to watch the future unfold.

Intended for indoor display (the outdoor photos are just for fun).

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