Edgar — $88

704 edgar IMG_0179 copy

Approximate dimensions:
height 3-1/4″
width 3″
length 4-1/2″

Crows and Ravens are amazing creatures! I’ve tried to capture their intelligence and mischievous curiosity in this series of cast wall sculptures.

I made my first crow/raven in 2003, and have been adding new ones ever since. There are now 11 in the series.

PROCESS: I sculpt the originals in clay, then make a precise mold of the original. Each sculpture you receive is individually hand cast from my molds, with a proprietary “cast stone” recipe I’ve fine tuned over the years. Each rough casting goes through several additional stages of hand detailing and polishing to yield the final satin-smooth sculpture, which looks and feels like burnished stone. I sign the backs before sending them out into the world to find interesting perches!

I designed a recessed mounting system that holds the pieces flush to the wall with no gap-osis. Hanging hooks are included with order, except for the three largest ones — Nora, Carl, and Einstein — which require a nail or screw secured into a stud or anchor.

Excellent exterior durability — I love how they look in our garden with snow on them — if you don’t mind the patina taking on a weathered look over time.

Celebrating these savvy, playful tricksters is a fun privilege, and I’m happy to share them with others who feel the same way about them.

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