16″ Goat Sculpture



One of a kind, semi-abstract sculpture of a long-eared goat, complete with stylized goatee and flowing horns. This original, handmade piece would make a truly unique addition to your faux taxidermy collection. I employed centuries-old hammer forming techniques — stretching, bending, and shrinking metal by hand hammering against various anvil shapes — to shape the ears, goatee, neck carapace, and other metal sections.

16″ wide, 12″ high, 8″ deep.

Lightweight, break resistant; made with quality materials to last for generations. Easy to hang.

Mixed media:
— all non-toxic
— repurposed aluminum bakeware from estate sales
— copper wire
— aluminum rivets
— handmade copper headpin stays
— waxed linen bindings
— repurposed wood

I enjoyed the process of inventing a way to make the horns. In fact much of my satisfaction in creating such pieces derives from the *process* of making…things an observer may never see or know about…such as the care I take in making the hidden wooden armature, or the sound of hammer on anvil while shaping the dozen or so aluminum sections before riveting them. In the end, I am rewarded with component shapes that match my inner visceral conception of them…shapes which flow together into a unified whole…form for form’s sake.

Steve Eichenberger, artist

IMG_20160514_130458095_HDR copy.jpg

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