Steve Eichenberger, artist

Riveted Rocket made from hammer formed aluminum.

Work in progress: On the right is the fuselage of a new, larger rocket I’m working on. I got an old lathe on craigslist with which I made a full size wooden form (aka “buck,”) for the bigger fuselage. It maxed out the lathe capacity, so if I ever want to make a bigger rocket, I’ll have to get a bigger lathe.

I was inspired to make these rockets by the Spacex / Elon Musk announcement that they plan to send two civilian tourists on a joyride around the MOON! Audacious… It stirred some long dormant boyhood fanciful thinking about space exploration, and this “ideal” rocketship design came into my mind, then onto the back of an envelope, then into drawing software to create templates, then into physical form in riveted aluminum! A fun project from start to finish.

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