Steve Eichenberger, artist

“Murder of Crows” Sizes vary. Available for purchase individually or as a complete set on “Crows / Ravens” page.

Crows and Ravens are amazing creatures! I’ve tried to capture their intelligence and mischievous curiosity in this series of cast wall sculptures.

I made my first crow/raven in 2003, and have been adding new ones over the years — there are now 11 in the series.

PROCESS: I sculpt the originals in clay, then make a precise mold of the original. Each sculpture you receive is individually hand cast from my molds, with a proprietary “cast stone” recipe I’ve fine tuned over the years. Each rough casting goes through several additional stages of hand detailing to yield the final polished sculpture, which looks and feels like burnished stone. I sign the backs before sending them out into the world to find interesting perches!

I designed a recessed mounting system that holds them flush to the wall, with no gap-osis. (Hanging hooks included with order, except for the three largest ones — Nora, Carl, and Einstein — which need a secure nail or screw into a stud).

Celebrating these savvy, playful tricksters is a fun privilege, and I’m happy to share them with others who feel the same way about them.

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