Many of you have been inquiring about the future of my line of crows/ravens. You’re not alone–I’ve been asking myself the same thing!

I have definitely come to a stopping point for now. I’d like to take a break. But will it be permanent? I honestly don’t know…

In the meantime, I’m putting interested parties on a waiting list. If you’d like to be on it, send an email to <steve (at symbol) steveeichenberger (dot) com> with your name and preferred email address, plus the names & quantity of the designs you’re interested in. If/when I make more I’ll re-contact you at that time to see if you’re still interested…no obligation if you’ve changed your mind by then.

Why am I doing this? Well, a glance in the mirror is irrefutable evidence that life goes fast…and I’d really like to make good on some promises I’ve made to my artist self in exchange for “temporary” sacrifices…but “temporary” has gone on for so many years…decades, actually…that I don’t want to delay any longer.

(And if I flounder in my efforts to make self-expressive, experimental, off the wall artwork—I could chip away at the aforementioned waiting list if the need ari$e$!)

I hope a few of you might even follow me over to my wild side and support my less representational work in coming months. I may post it for sale online, or I may place it in galleries…either way you could keep up with my experiments via, or follow my blog at

Major gratitude to all of you who have collected my crows/ravens since 2006! You’ve helped me and my partner, Jackie Hurlbert, live the dream of making our full time living as artists since 1995!

I hope my sculptures continue to serve as emmissaries of positivity from the thousands of perches you’ve granted them in your homes over the years. Thank you, Thank you!

Steve Eichenberger