BOPs! … “Beacons of Positivity”

14.5″ – 18″ tall x 4″ – 5″ in diameter

Introducing a new mixed media series, “Beacons of Positivity” or BOPs for short. I’ve been developing it over the past several months and as usual have enjoyed working on the behind the scenes *process* aspects every bit as much as how they’re turning out aesthetically. One reason I’m making them is to have freedom to play with more vibrant colors than I could get by with on the more representational sculptures I’ve been making for the Cosmic Zoo Series, for example. Finished BOPs look simple, but I utilize about ten different (non-toxic) materials in their construction, and spent countless hours developing “secret recipes” and quirky methods that help make making them fun for me as the maker.

They’re available in my Recent Work section, with the following description that tells a bit more about the “why”:

BOPs are a new series of “Beacons of Positivity,” handmade by mixed media artist Steve Eichenberger. They are fun, colorful, non-fragile decor items for your mantel, shrine, niche, ledge, windowsill, shelf or table—plus they do double duty as cosmic energy appliances!

Now, I tend to be a fact-based kind of guy…but experience has proven to me that we can access literally infinite potential energy from the cosmos around us—and I’ve conceived my BOPs to draw in, concentrate, and re-radiate that free, abundant positivity wherever they are placed.

I make them individually from scratch, so each one is unique; I couldn’t make two identical to save myself! They may appear fragile, but they’re not…from initial concept onward, I’ve constructed them with durability in mind, to withstand minor household oopsies…as well as the inevitable jousts, jostles & jolts of shipping. If needed, clean gently with damp cloth. Not intended for outdoor exposure (but it’s your choice if you’re okay with them weathering). Hollow but sturdy, with graduated walls that are thicker toward the base to optimize balance…nice heft overall: not too heavy, not too light (approx. 1.5 – 2 lbs). They feel good.

Decades ago when art became a major focus of my life, I had no idea how revelatory a tool it would turn out to be—a vehicle for unexpected insights, an illuminator of mysteries, an explorer of vast inner realms—life enhancements that can’t be adequately communicated with words. BOPs are one physical manifestation of such inner experience, and it’s my hope they will serve as a catalyst for others to realize and utilize the limitless positive energy surrounding us at all times…literally as much energy as we can imagine!

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