From Across the Eons and Parsecs…


Ceramic and mixed media wall sculpture available for purchase here.

1350h 1080w 3

Handbuilt, one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture with riveted hammer-formed aluminum and various other mixed media.

24″h x 10″w x 9″ d

Easy/secure wall mount with included bracket…it’s not heavy.

This timeless personage is the most recent addition to my “Cosmic Zoo Series,” intended to celebrate the ubiquitous arising of intelligent civilizations throughout time and space—infinitely in all directions, and infinitely backward and forward in time.

I could write pages about it, but basically I have this zany idea that there’s been a perpetually running Cosmic Art Show since, well, forever, where extraterrestrial artists create art to enter into the show. No, I’ve never heard of this notion before, but if I thought it up, then countless others have thought/are thinking/will think of it too, wherever they are in spacetime. I’m honored to join them.
1350h 1080w 1
This piece brings together many different media I’ve been developing for exactly this purpose…to have a “toolbox” of various light but strong, non-toxic, earth-friendly materials/methods that complement each other stylistically as well as structurally…and that are fun to work with!

I can’t put every last bit of motivation for this piece into words…the infinite power of imagination…the uniformity of ideas across space and time…my own personal identification with the phenomenon of self-aware-intelligence rather than with the biology or AI that happens to host it…well-wishing across the eons and parsecs to all other artists participating in this show…hope for each others’ civilizations to survive and thrive in peace, upon a foundation of gratitude for the privilege of existence, and embracing the mystery that any of us are here at all!1350h 1080w 2

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