2 thoughts on “Baby Portrait

  1. Really good, Steve, hope to see more, oftener. I don’t open email from someone that I don’t know, so it took me a few days to figure out you were an artist I asked to enjoy your posts. So do it often, k? Do you do babies a lot? I find it really challenging, cause it’s hard to create depth in such smooth faces. Carolynn Wagler


  2. Thanks for your comments, Carolynn — Yes, smooth faces are a challenge to make interesting. In the above case, the strong lighting gave me something to work with, as well as her deeply peaceful gaze.

    I’ve been working on a portrait of a young woman’s face in my studio today, at a larger scale than I’m used to, and having a hard time NOT making everything smooth and rounded. But I’m bored with my own work when it’s too smooth and literal, so I’ll keep trying struggling to mess it back up. In other words, I’ll probably spend several more hours trying to make it look like I painted it quickly! 😉


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