Anna 1


“Anna 1” acrylic on 12 x 16 panel, using as reference a photo I took last spring. Thanks Anna!







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  1. Hi Steve,
    How about a video of your painting process? I recently learn a few tricks with the iPhone and it came out great (on my site: blog name “a painting of Buda”). The iPhone can record up to 1:30 hour ( usually that is my time limit for a 11×14 painterly portrait study). I use the generic built in program in apple computer to put in words and music. Posting on WordPress will require an upgrade ($60) or you can post on YouTube and link it to your site for free!. It will be a blast for your fans.

    Congratulation on being an OSA teacher! Is the OSA accept people from Vancouver, WA? like me?
    Khanh N. Huynh, MD

  2. thanks for your suggestions about producing a video, khanh. i have a love/hate relationship with the abundance of online opportunities for exposure…i sit in front of this mac for way too many hours per day already, and i don’t even have a facebook account 😉

    i spend far more time photographing, editing, uploading, blogging, managing listings on etsy, responding to e-mails and so on than i do painting!

    don’t get me wrong, i greatly appreciate the opportunities afforded by online exposure, but i’m torn by the conflicting need to spend more time painting.

    yes Oregon Society of Artists will gladly accept members from anywhere. besides, vancouver is more closely associated with oregon than washington in many ways. i just assumed you were already a member! it’s only $30 per year (may go up soon) so sign up today at

    i know you’re busy with your practice, but i hope you can participate in my portrait class sometimes. i purposely scheduled it during non-peak traffic times, so getting to it from vancouver shouldn’t be too bad.

  3. You are so right. I do spend a lot of my free time on photographing, editing, uploading, blogging and should be painting! But it’s still fun to communicate with other like-mind artists (with a cost, of course)

    I would be honored to participate in your class, Steve. I will stop by at the OSA booth this weekend sometime. See you there.

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