More practicing on cardboard

To test myself to see if I could produce a likeness. 1 hour sketch.

Unfinished. Can’t decide what to put under his head. Someone suggested making him a dandelion’s head 😉

Very fast sketch.

Quick sketch.

Quick sketch in box. My intention was to do the eye sockets in complete shadow, but I see from the photo I didn’t resist putting in some detail.

3 thoughts on “More practicing on cardboard

  1. Hi Steve, you painted without priming first. Will the CB warp?

    (Note from Steve: I did not see this comment when it was made, but to address the question: Don’t use cardboard if warping is a concern. CB is great for spontaneous, non-precious experiments/practice. You may be able to minimize warping by treating both sides similarly…that is, if you do 60% paint coverage on the front, also scribble 60% paint coverage on the back in the same session, to equalize the stresses on each plane as the paint dries.)


  2. Thanks Anne Marie! I hadn’t looked at these for awhile myself…makes me kind of miss painting…currently remodeling our house and keeping up with orders for my cast raven sculptures but not doing any “self-expressive” art.


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