RiverSea show Nov 6, Mtn views, new Raven birth

I’ll be in a three person show at RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, opening Nov 6 with a reception from 5 to 8. I took four of my large sculptures to be in the show. Jackie will have lots of work in it too. We’ll be interviewed on a local radio station, live, about the show on Friday afternoon the 5th.

New Raven sculpture completed for my line of cast ravens/crows available through galleries.

Mt Hood from my new studio location on Milwaukie Ave.

False color rendition of Mt St Helens looking to the north from my new sculpture studio location. If it weren’t for a willow tree precisely placed to block the exact outline of her, I’d be able to see Mt St Helens out my window as I work. I only have to go a few paces to get this view though.

2 thoughts on “RiverSea show Nov 6, Mtn views, new Raven birth”

  1. Tracy Adams

    Good luck with your show. We’ll have to catch up next week so I can learn all about it. We’re off to our third soccer playoff game. With a win today we’ll be entered into the State High School tournament. Say hi to Jackie. That’s all folks!

  2. Congrats about H’s soccer prowess!

    Just drove home on a “dark and stormy night” from the preview show, which went very well for both Jackie and me (thanks Todd for your purchase). Next week we go back to RiverSea Gallery again to the regular Second Saturday opening when the whole town of Astoria comes out to play. That will be over 800 miles of driving (4 round trips) for this show!

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