Time Keeps on Slipping…Into the Future…

Just completed our first full week of full production in our new studio spaces and it went very well! There are still many minor things I need/want to do — hang more shelves and lights, organize my own space now that I’ve organized everyone else’s, remove and replace the door so it opens out instead of into our space in the big room — but lots of work is getting done, the wire racks are filling up with work that will eventually go to galleries or tile dealers, we fired three kiln loads of work.

I started this blog for discussing/showing my large scale ceramic sculptures, but I think it may be a few weeks before I can get back to sculpting my large signature works. In the meantime, I need to give some attention to my line of cast crows/ravens (worked on new molds yesterday and today), and maybe make some letters/numerals, and fun tiles like grasshoppers or whatever…to sell through galleries.

Now that the move is mostly completed, I hope to now have time to get back to regular exercise — to stoke my energy engines. And maybe even do one or two hours a week of non-work related activities!

I like my new studio. Now I need me “back” so I have somebody to work in it. All in good time……….

In other news, I’ve accepted an invitation to be in a three person show at RiverSea Gallery in Astoria next month. It’s with Jackie, and Shannon Richardson (painter).

Belated photo of my booth space at Art in the Pearl a month ago:

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