May 28 update

finished hollowing out. not sure there’s time to make any more big pieces and complete them in time for BAM show…

2 thoughts on “May 28 update”

  1. I keep checking for an update. . .you must be really busy!! Miss u!!!

  2. yes busy, yes need to update — i haven’t been doing very photogenic processes recently, but have been getting a lot done. got four pieces 99% finished with oxide patina, waiting for UPS to deliver (very expensive) wax for the final finish. i don’t want to post quickie snapshots of the finished work; i’d rather wait a week or two till i do the “official” final photos up in the photo room with good lighting and scoop background.

    see the piece pictured above? i just fired it. took it out of the kiln last night — it came out great! now to assemble and patina it. the “sort of a centaur” (as yet unnamed) piece is firing right now, will come out tomorrow or the next day. it’s the last major piece in the pipeline.

    last night i got supplies at home depot for building crates for the larger sculptures going to the show — for the truck ride to bellevue, and to serve as pedestals in the booth.

    thanks for asking!

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