I just found out I’ve been juried  into the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) ArtsFair! It’s the first time I’ve applied to a show for about 8 years. Jackie was also accepted into BAM; she has been in one or two art fairs a year since about 2000, so we pretty much know the ropes, but we’ve neither one done the BAM show before. It is a biggie, 320,000 attendees last year

I applied on a whim, literally after the deadline. I was helping Jackie with her online application and photos, and we made the deadline for her, but then they extended the deadline over the weekend, so just for fun I uploaded some photos and clicked the “apply” box, not expecting anything to come of it. Surprise! (953 artists applied, 325 were accepted.)

The five pieces that got me juried into the Bellevue Arts Museum ArtsFair

Fair info:

Now I have to figure out what to sculpt, always the hardest part for me. And pronto!

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