This evening’s progress…



Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


I already removed and hollowed out the head earlier in the week, and the ears are shaped and drying.

Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


This evening I started the process of cutting everything into manageable pieces, hollowing them out, and re-assembling them, then re-cutting them apart. I know, it’s insane. This stage is definitely unnerving, and if not done well can lead to major headaches later (like getting all four feet to sit flat after firing).

Steve Eichenberger | Sculptor


Due to so many other irons in the fire, I’ve let this sculpture sit for over a month under plastic. Well, clay does have some organic matter in it…and lets just say I now have fresh incentive to finish it faster (although ‘fresh’ is definitely not the right word ).

Not much scheduled for the weekend, so I have no good excuse not to make progress on hollowing out.

Oh, I keep forgetting — I need to make the tail too!


1/30 update:

Hollowed out same parts as yesterday on other side.

Finished sculpting/attaching tail.

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  1. You’re my very first commenter, Sergei — Thanks!

    Judging from your “Thousands of Dots” painting, you may be able to identify with my “Two Thousand Beads” bas relief tile design; I sculpted every bead individually by hand (enlarge it to zoom in, it’s a .pdf file). It helps to be nuts doesn’t it…

    I think I may have done a “trackback” to or from your site…whatever that is! Still learning about WordPress ins & outs…

    Good luck with your new site!

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